Modern Business Responsive HTML 5 Template – Block

Modern Business Responsive HTML 5 Template – Block

Responsive HTML 5 Template Block

We are talking about a Business HTML 5 Template - Block. It is an impeccably crafted UI kit, showcasing exquisite design for crafting top-notch websites and web applications. Tailored for leveraging HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it seamlessly integrates the widely acclaimed Bootstrap framework.

The Modern Business Responsive HTML 5 Template - Block comes with development tools such as Gulp, Node.js, SASS, and Bootstrap SCSS, and facilitates local development setups. Its dynamic design and expert components empower users to create high-quality digital experiences, ensuring a seamless fusion of modern technologies and efficient workflows.

7+ Landing Pages of Modern Business Responsive HTML 5 Template - Block

Responsive HTML 5 Template Block offers a comprehensive range of purpose-driven more than 7 landing pages to captivate audiences across various domains that include Saas v.1, Sass v.2, Accounting, Finance, Jamstack Agency, Conference, and Personal.

Moreover, these landing pages seamlessly integrate graphics and content, enticing visitors to explore further. Let's briefly look into the features of each landing page:

SaaS landing page:

It is dedicatedly designed to showcase software as a service offering, presenting features required for development.

  • On Scroll Animation effect

  • Feature List

  • Hero Image

  • Hero Header

  • Feature Cards

  • Contact Form UI

  • 100% Responsive

  • App Integration UI Design

  • Organized Code Structure

  • Cross-browser Compatible

  • Newsletter Subscription

Sass block landing page:

Using the Sass theme landing page, users can manage, track, engage, and analyze customer feedback effortlessly, empowering informed product decisions.

  • Hero Header section

  • Footer Navigation

  • Feature List

  • Hover Effect

  • Testimonial With Client’s Image, Name and Designation

  • App Integration UI Design

  • Newsletter Subscription

  • Commented and clean code

  • Font-Awesome Icons

  • Easy to Edit

  • Clean Design

Accounting landing page:

With a focus on credibility & reliability, the accounting landing web template appeals to businesses seeking accounting services. Its clean layout and informative sections instill trust and convey expertise in the field.

  • Hero header with split

  • Client Testimonials with Profile Picture

  • Tabbing Feature

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Fully responsive

  • Call to action button

  • Footer navigations

  • Newsletter subscription form

  • Contact form

  • App Integration UI design

  • Hover Effect

  • Newsletter

  • FAQs

Finance landing page:

This Block theme landing page consists of all the features needed to build the fintech platform. Check the finance block template and achieve your business goals.

  • Hero Header Along with Video

  • Animation

  • Feature List Section

  • 100% responsive

  • Testimonial with profile image

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • On hover effects

  • Statistics Column

  • Call to action button

  • Footer navigation

Jamstack Agency landing page:

It is a fusion of innovation and creativity. The agency landing page block template is designed for tech agencies, and it showcases cutting-edge solutions, leveraging dynamic visuals and concise content to convey expertise in modern web development.

  • Hero Header

  • Full-width slider

  • 100% responsive

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Animation Effect

  • On Hover

  • Call to action button

  • Contact form

  • Footer navigation

  • About Section

  • Blogs/Articles

  • Newsletter Subscription

Conference landing page:

For events, Within the Block, the conference web template is an invitation to immersive experiences. Its vibrant design and intuitive layout encourage participation and engagement.

  • Hero Header with a Call to Action

  • Location, Date & Time Design

  • One-page template

  • Slick modern design

  • Animated scrolling

  • Registration Form

  • Sponsor logos listing with animation

  • Newsletter form UI

  • Pricing table

  • Contact form

  • Event Schedule

  • FAQs

Personal web landing page:

It offers a space for individual expression. Customizable sections and layouts empower users to curate their online presence effectively. Check out the personal branding landing page.

  • Hero header with the profile picture

  • Portfolio-based block template

  • Cards section

  • Animation on scroll

  • Contact form

  • 100% Responsive

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

  • Social Media Integration UI Design

Web Pages of Business Responsive HTML 5 Template - Block

Using the block theme, developers get various ways to represent the content. The end product meets your client's expectations when you have multiple choices. Following the same concept, we are offering two or more ways for all the web pages.


  • List View

  • Grid View

  • Grid View v.2

  • Sidebar

  • Category

  • Single Post


  • About v.1

  • About v.2


  • Service v.1

  • Service v.2

  • Service v.3


  • List

  • Single

Contact us

  • Contact Us

  • Contact Sales


  • Grid View

  • Single View


  • Pricing v.1

  • Pricing v.2


  • Career

Features of Web Pages of Business HTML 5 Template

The theme is enriched with some dynamic elements that make the template special and encourage developers to go with it. Mobile-friendliness is a cornerstone of Block's design ethos, guaranteeing optimal performance across all devices.

Moreover, Block's theme pages offer versatile light and dark modes, more than 80 flexible components, Figma files, stunning landing pages, W3C valid HTML code, Javascript, Documentation, detailed footer, Carousel, and Call-To-Action granting flexibility in site styling for varying preferences or environments. Some worthy features are

  • Hero Section

  • HTML 5

  • Navbar

  • About

  • Blog

  • Carousel

  • Call to Action

  • Client

  • Contact

  • Form

  • FAQ

  • Team

  • Footer

  • Features

  • Integration

  • Location

  • Portfolio

  • Process

  • Pricing

  • Stats

  • Testimonials

Accounts Section:

The block theme holds the Accounts section from where users can control their profile, appearance, and other authentication-related things.

  • Profile

  • Security

  • Billing

  • Team

  • Notifications

  • Integration

  • Session

  • Social

  • Appearance


  • Simple

    • Sign In

    • Sign Up

    • Forget Password

    • Reset Password

    • OTP Verification

  • Side Cover - Split screen

    • Sign In

    • Sign Up

    • Forget Password

    • Reset Password

    • OTP Verification


Make your web project journey more swift and efficient with a Business Responsive HTML 5 Template - Block, where innovation, flexibility, and reliable support converge for a seamless web development experience.