10+ Free Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Templates

10+ Free Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Templates

Looking for free Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Templates? You’ve come to the right place! Our collection offers top-notch free Tailwind CSS admin dashboard templates. But first, let’s understand what Tailwind CSS is all about.

What is Tailwind CSS?

Tailwind CSS is a flexible CSS framework that provides the essential building blocks for creating stunning designs without the hassle of overriding preset styles. Unlike other frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS offers low-level utility classes, allowing for completely custom designs directly within your HTML.

Most CSS frameworks offer pre-built components that can speed up initial development but may hinder customization later on. Tailwind CSS addresses this issue by providing tools to separate component classes, ensuring that one element does not affect another during updates or alterations.

Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template Is Beneficial For:

Now, let’s dive into our list of Tailwind CSS admin templates! These templates are suitable for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, retail, real estate, information technology, and more. These templates cater to diverse business needs, providing a solid foundation for your next project.

Here we have brought an outstanding 10+ Free Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template that will make an effective contribution to ease your web development process.

10+ Free Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template

  1. Dash UI

Dash UI, is an outstanding free tailwind CSS admin dashboard template, packed with a wide array of carefully crafted UI elements, components, widgets, applications, and extra pages. Further, Dash UI provides everything you need to create impressive interfaces for websites, apps, and admin panels.

The admin dashboard template is a free and open-source collection of components built with Bootstrap 5. This highly responsive dashboard application is designed to be user-friendly and works seamlessly across all modern browsers and devices.

With its impressively crafted design, Dash UI offers a clean Bootstrap template packed with the latest features such as 100% responsive, an on-hover effect, a drop-down menu, UI components, and materials for web applications and widgets.

Experience the future of web development with Dash UI – your go-to solution for building exceptional interfaces with ease.


  • 250+ Component examples

  • Bootstrap 5

  • HTML5 & SCSS

  • Collapsible sidebar

  • UI components

  • Gulp Based Workflow

  • Mobile First – Responsive HTML

  • Light/ Dark Mode

  • Trendiest Dashboard With 6+ Variations

  • Ready to use Apps UI

  • Flexible Layouts

  • Fully Customizable

  • 100% Responsive

  • Dev-to-dev Support

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

  • Clean Code



2. Cleopatra – Clean & Minimal tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template

If you need an admin dashboard, check out the Cleopatra Admin Template. It’s a strong dashboard made with Tailwind CSS, a helpful toolkit for developers. The Tailwind CSS admin template is designed with developers in mind, packed with features, and super flexible.


  • Tailwind CSS

  • Developer-focused Design

  • Scalability

  • Flexibility

  • Modern Layout



3. Spike Free Tailwind Admin Template

Spike Tailwind Admin free, and open-source Tailwind Dashboard Admin Template. Crafted with precision, this exquisite Tailwind admin template offers boundless customization options, ensuring a seamless fit for your unique requirements.

Whether you’re embarking on a fresh project or shaping a new application, Spike Tailwind Admin stands ready as your indispensable ally, poised to elevate your vision into a tangible reality.

  • Responsive Design

  • Powerful Functionality

  • Intuitive Interface

  • Extensive Documentation

  • Regular Updates



4. Notus Tailwind JS

Begin your development journey with a complimentary Tailwind CSS and JavaScript UI Kit and Admin. Let Notus Tailwind JS impress you with its impressive features and robust build tools, elevating your project to new heights.

If vibrant and refreshing colors appeal to you, then you’ll adore this complimentary Tailwind CSS Template! It boasts an extensive array of components to assist you in crafting extraordinary websites.


  • Tailwind CSS and JavaScript UI Kit and Admin

  • Notus Tailwind JS

  • Vibrant Color Scheme

  • Easy Setup

  • Example Pages



5. TailAdmin – Free Tailwind Admin Dashboard Template

TailAdmin stands out as a top-notch, open-source admin template meticulously crafted with Tailwind CSS. It’s the ideal choice for crafting robust backend systems, dynamic web applications, and dashboard-admin projects.

Featuring a distinctive dashboard design, TailAdmin offers over 30 dashboard UI components and a total of 50+ UI elements. With 10+ HTML files included, it provides a solid foundation for building intuitive interfaces.


  • Tailwind CSS

  • Single Unique Dashboard

  • More Than Dashboard UI Components

  • 10+ HTML Files

  • Basic UI Kit Elements

  • Figma Design Source – Free Sample



6. Windster – Tailwind CSS Dashboard

Windster is an open-source Tailwind CSS admin dashboard layout designed to elevate your project with its responsive sidebar layouts and versatile components. With authentication pages, charts, user management, and product pages included, Windster offers a comprehensive toolkit for building dynamic interfaces.

Built on the foundation of the Flowbite component library, Windster boasts a plethora of Tailwind CSS components. From buttons and dropdowns to modals and date pickers, you’ll find everything you need to enhance user experience.


  • Tailwind CSS

  • CSS framework

  • Flowbite

  • Browser Support

  • Detailed Documentation



7. Tailwind Admin

The Tailwind Admin is a Tailwind CSS-powered admin panel template. It offers responsive sidebar layouts, authentication pages, charts, user and product management pages, and a wide array of Tailwind CSS components.

The template stands out for its reliance on Tailwind CSS utility classes, ensuring seamless integration into projects. With standard configuration and purging classes, it aligns with recommended practices. This template empowers developers to create dynamic admin panels efficiently while benefiting from Tailwind CSS’s flexibility and robust features.


  • Tailwind CSS

  • UI Components

  • Tables & Buttons

  • Login & Register

  • 404 Page



8. Admin One — Free Tailwind 3.x Admin Dashboard

Admin One offers a sleek and free Tailwind CSS admin dashboard solution, embodying simplicity and elegance in its design. Available under the MIT License, it provides a cost-effective option for developers seeking a powerful administrative interface.

Developed with TailwindCSS v3, Admin One ensures compatibility with the latest features and optimizations of the framework. Its reliance on pure HTML and CSS underscores its lightweight nature, minimizing dependencies and simplifying integration into projects.


  • Free Dashboard Demo

  • Free under MIT License

  • Built with TailwindCSS v3

  • Pure HTML & CSS

  • No js framework dependencies

  • Ready-to-use CSS files



9. Free Tailwind dashboard template

Mosaic Lite, a responsive dashboard template, is constructed with TailwindCSS and coded entirely in React. Featuring pre-coded charts (utilizing Chart.js 3) and widgets, it is an excellent foundation for crafting interfaces for various applications, including SaaS products, administrator dashboards, and modern web apps.

With its versatile features, Mosaic Lite caters to diverse development needs, empowering users to create dynamic and visually appealing interfaces effortlessly.


  • Built on Tailwind CSS

  • Fully Coded in React

  • Free Admin Dashboard Template

  • Responsive Design

  • Easy Customization



10. Flowbite Admin Dashboard

This project offers a free, open-source UI admin dashboard template crafted with components from Flowbite and powered by the utility-first Tailwind CSS framework. It includes essential features like charts, tables, widgets, CRUD layouts, modals, and drawers.

Utilizing cutting-edge UI/UX development technologies, such as Tailwind CSS and Flowbite, this dashboard accelerates application development. Whether you’re embarking on a new project or upgrading an existing one, this admin dashboard provides a solid foundation with the latest tools and resources in the open-source community.


  • Built with Flowbite

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Documentation

  • Advanced Web Components

  • Demo Pages



11. Meraki UI

Meraki UI stands out as an outstanding template enriched with Tailwind CSS components, meticulously crafted to elevate the browsing journey on your site. Moreover, the template is responsive and seamlessly caters to various screen sizes, complemented by a sophisticated Dark Mode option.

Within Meraki UI, you'll find a comprehensive range of Tailwind CSS elements such as alerts, hero sections, feature showcases, signup forms, and compelling calls-to-action. Notably, these components are designed with RTL language support, facilitating inclusivity and accessibility across diverse linguistic contexts.

  • Tailwind CSS components

  • Seamless responsiveness

  • Dark Mode

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Designed with RTL language support



Final Words

Here we are wrapping up, hoping you will find your suitable choice from the vast collection of free Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Templates. These templates are enriched with outstanding features and it will help the web developers.

So developers! Select your favorite free tailwind admin dashboard template for your next project.